This is a 90 minute class without any down dog or poses that require weight bearing on the wrists and hands. This class is great for anyone because of it’s focus on opening up the upper back and keeping an open posture in the chest. This relieves any pinching or stress that occurs in the shoulders, arms, and wrists from poor posture.

You will need two blocks, a strap, and a blanket or towel. (also have two ice packs ready for savasana if you have inflammation in your wrists).

Some of the poses we will move through include:

ardha salamba sirsasana- half headstand/headstand prep

utkatasana- chair pose

virabadrasa III- warrior III

garudasana- eagle pose

malasana- garland pose

ardha matsyendrasana- half lord of the fishes pose

gomukasana- cow’s face pose

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