untitled-59In this 60 minute class we will focus on finding balance in the sacroiliac joints. Class starts with a flowing breath exercise on your back to set a therapeutic tone for your practice. We move on to seated dandasana and a slow modified sun salutation. Utkatasana is our main standing pose and is practiced with kapalabhati pranayama. Headstand (salamba sirsasana) and crow pose (bakasana) are some of the more challenging poses that we lead up to. If you do not have a headstand practice, be sure to consult a live teacher before you invert fully. Class ends with a series of twists. If you have sacroiliac instability, be sure to keep your effort at 80% in the twists without forcing any position. Gary, my cat, really wanted to teach you today as well, you may hear him meowing in the background now and then!

Props needed: One blanket and one block

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