When something stressful is happening in our lives the shoulders tend to be a common place where we hold tension in the body. Tense muscles, if ignored can lead to injury later on. This tense feeling in the shoulders can even start to creep up towards the ears, give us tension headaches, and keep us from having a healthy and restful night of sleep.

Sitting for hours over a keyboard, which we are all too familiar with, can contribute to tightness in the hips, legs, neck, shoulders, and back. This creates an unhealthy posture that you take with you when you leave your office for the day, in which the back and shoulders hunch down and the neck protrudes the head forward. The spine thus becomes misaligned when the body is in such a stagnate position.

In this short class, we will move through basic poses that target areas of tension which can be an effective antidote to many desk job ailments and general stress build up in the shoulders. This is meant to be a class that you could use if you only have a short amount of time, but need a quick break from sitting at your desk. Or, if you come home from work and you need a little pick me up, this class will energize those stagnate tight areas. As an added bonus, yoga can have powerful effects on the mind and may help address the damaging stress of a high-pressure job by helping to calm the mind and quiet racing thought patterns.

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