While group classes can be a source of motivation, a gathering of a community, and exposure to many forms of yoga, there may come a time when we require private care and instruction. Private instruction is great for those newer to yoga, or for one who has experience with group classes but would like to focus on particular challenges or limitations. Your practice will be completely tailored to fit your needs in an open and non-judgemental space. Private sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities as the use of props and modifications are strongly encouraged. Each session is customized to aid the healing of injuries, aches, and pains, or to challenge your strength and learn to safely move deeper into the poses.

Sarah offers private yoga instruction to individual clients and small groups in the comfort of their homes, at the St Paul Athletic Club, or at the Beautiful Studio near the Minneapolis/St Paul border.

Private instruction may be added to your practice for:

  • overcoming an injury
  • looking to achieve fitness goals
  • build comfort, endurance, and strength in your practice
  • support in creating your home practice
  • integrating the meditative practice of yoga into your busy life

Private teaching may take shape in a small group class form such as: 

  • monthly friends/family yoga class
  • family reunion classes
  • couples sessions
  • prenatal classes or mama and baby classes
  • pre-marathon/sport training

Sarah has experience with private clients who have presented muscular issues in their low back, shoulders, hips, disc herniation, anxiety, depression, breathing disorders, cancer, chronic headaches, neuromuscular disorders, traumatic injury recovery, and overall balance and wellness.



60 minutes

90 minutes

1 session



I knew the time with Sarah would be supportive, comfortable and I would feel ” at home” and safe.” -Susan Epstein

“Sarah has an unusual ability to make simple adjustments during class or to gently touch the area of the body she wants you to work with to increase awareness. And she gets excited when you make even the smallest change.” – Maribeth

“Practicing with Sarah over the last 10 years has been both a ​life and body changing experience​. Her amazing teaching style coupled with her calm and positive spirit, provide a space where all levels of ability feel welcome and can flourish. Sarah has developed a fine tuned intuition that allows her to know how to challenge me in ways that are both meaningful and safe. Her precise alignment based practice has improved my posture so much that I am an inch taller than when I started taking her classes!” -Teresa

“What I really want to say is that I have learned things about body awareness from you that no other yoga teacher or body practitioner has ever taught me. Now I will have to pay more attention to that on my own, rather than leaning only on you for it, and that is good. Your capacity to turn a micro movement into a profound physical awareness is wonderful. ” – Estelle D.

*There is a $10 convenience fee per session when traveling to your home depending on distance.

Sliding scale is available if cost is a hinderance. Please inquire directly with Sarah to create a sustainable price point for you.

To schedule an appointment contact Sarah at info@sarahbyoga.com