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Episode 36: Anatomical Focus for a Posterior Pelvic Tilt

This class is  a video specifically designed for those with a posterior tilt of the pelvis. Before going ahead and doing this podcast, you will want to be sure that this class is suitable for your postural habits. A posterior tilt of the pelvis looks something like this, with the tail tucking under and the lower back rounded:

Generally, this causes the hamstrings to be tight, the lower back to flatten from it’s natural lumbar curve and the shoulders to begin a steady slump forward. The class was originally created with as a video. I have posted the mobile version here. Be sure to have a blanket or towel, and a strap.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Episode 35: A Quiet Spine Video

It’s a video!!! This is a 75 minute practice in which the poses are held slightly longer. The way that most of the asanas in this class are designed is so that you feel more supported by the props and the floor. I hope that you find this class beneficial for you when you need more of those long juicy stretches rather than a vigorous vinyasa class.

If you would like only the audio of this class it is in the next post. 

You will need a block, a strap, and a blanket for class.

There is an added bonus at the end of class introducing how to bring a foam roller into your yoga practice.

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Episode 18: Yoga class for lower back pain associated with a slipped or herniated disc in lumbar spine

This is a vodcast that I recorded specially for a student who has a slipped disk in her lumbar spine. In general this is a gentle class that most everyone can participate in. However, if you are dealing with a different injury your program should always be tailored to fit your specific needs.

While your back pain persists if you have a slipped of herniated disk in the lower back there are a few things to remember when you are practicing yoga:

*Do not bend forward past 90 degrees with straight knees.
*Avoid all seated forward bends. (which there are none of in this class)
*Avoid rounding your back. (you will notice we are doing a lot of small gentle arches in the lower back which will help ease the disk back towards its correct placement)
* If any pose causes pain, tingling, or numbness, stop immediately.

Be sure to modify with blankets, blocks, straps and any other props that you need.

Yoga class for Lower Back Pain or Slipped or Herniated Lumbar Spine from Sarah Baumert on Vimeo.

“I tweaked my back today and this helped me quiet it down. Thank you for the help.” – James Hayward

“I did this again today and it really seems to be helping. I especially love the way you talk through the healing attributes of breath at the beginning. That is a great reminder for me that I can pull from anytime I need a little length and tension release in that area.  It’s so great to have this to relieve any issues I am having and I so appreciate you sending. I will definitely try to do more of your podcast classes…I feel like it might be just the trick to help me get to a goal of making yoga part of my everyday life. It is really hard for me to get to class sometimes but this will be an awesome option. You are truly an excellent teacher. I feel lucky to call you my friend!” – Liz W

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