Sarah B. Yoga + Feldenkrais

Neck Care Part 2 - Strength

May 06, 2022 Sarah Baumert Episode 78
Sarah B. Yoga + Feldenkrais
Neck Care Part 2 - Strength
Show Notes

Episode 78: 

Improve text neck discomfort and build strength in the right places for your neck. Last week’s podcast was mostly awareness of the neck and releasing of unnecessary habitual tension held in the neck. This week, we take a look at how to strengthen the neck and reverse the effects of the forward and down head action, (sometimes referred to as “text neck”), and the pain that comes with that.  This class strengthens the upper back and neck extensors. Most of this class could be done sitting at your desk as a way to help learn some new and better habits for neck health and to take a short break from looking at your devices. Try it on its own, or pair it with Episode 77.

Do you need some visuals for class? I currently have a sample video class that works with these similar concepts, register to watch the class here.

And for an even deeper study of this topic you can check out my Freeing the Neck and Shoulders Series, and Unraveling Body Anxiety Series, both of which are Feldenkrais focused.

You will need one yoga blanket and blocks for class.

Sarah Baumert has been teaching movement since 2006. She is a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner. This podcast is an intersection of her yoga teaching and training in the Feldenkrais® method. Classes include sensory rich movement experiences for a more resilient and healthy nervous system to help you feel a greater sense of ease and comfort in yourself.

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