Sarah B. Yoga + Feldenkrais®

Sensing the Pubic Bone - Live Yoga

July 22, 2022 Sarah Baumert Episode 86
Sarah B. Yoga + Feldenkrais®
Sensing the Pubic Bone - Live Yoga
Show Notes

Episode 86: 

A 75 minute live class blending yoga and the Feldenkrais method. We will use the pubic bone as an anatomical place of reference and awareness. Using a multidisciplinary approach, including breathing practices, myofascial release, active and passive stretching, acquaint yourself with the subtle movements of the pelvis.

At the beginning of the class, we locate the pubic bone on our own bodies. Not sure where the pubic bone is? For an image of area of the pubic bone that we locate check out the blog post for this episode.

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Intro to Yoga + Feldenkrais

Sarah Baumert has been teaching movement since 2006. She is a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner. This podcast is an intersection of her yoga teaching and training in the Feldenkrais® method. Classes include sensory rich movement experiences for a more resilient and healthy nervous system to help you feel a greater sense of ease and comfort in yourself.

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