Sarah B. Yoga + Feldenkrais

Restoring Attention to the Breath

September 08, 2023 Sarah Baumert Episode 102
Sarah B. Yoga + Feldenkrais
Restoring Attention to the Breath
Show Notes

Episode 102:

Today’s class is an exploration of the breath. In yoga, we call this pranayama. However today’s lesson will be more of a Feldenkrais inspired way of paying attention to the breath. With each proposal, each variation of breathing, I invite you to listen and take care. If at any moment you feel the way you are breathing creates tension or shortness of breath, please do the breathing proposal with much less intensity or even imagine the movement. 

If you enjoy this lesson, you may consider joining the Feldenkrais Series:
Being Good to Yourself: Caring for your Neck, Shoulders, Eyes, & Breath 
In this series, we will explore lessons that promote self-connection and pleasure, finding equanimity in movement, and adapting to change with resilience. In a world where technology has become ever more prevalent, it can be easy to feel disconnected from our bodies, our emotions, and the people around us. Tension in the neck, shoulders and eyes can become a persistent nuisance, but through the gentle, exploratory movements of the Feldenkrais Method, we can find a sense of joy and connection that is uniquely human. Check out more info on this series that anyone can join via livestream or recordings. 

Sarah Baumert has been teaching movement since 2006. She is a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Feldenkrais practitioner. This podcast is an intersection of her yoga teaching and training in the Feldenkrais® method. Classes include sensory rich movement experiences for a more resilient and healthy nervous system to help you feel a greater sense of ease and comfort in yourself.

Upcoming Courses with Sarah:

Pelvic Floor, Psoas, and Abdominals - The Blending of Yoga + Feldenkrais

The Secret Language of the Arms: A Shoulder and Arm Release Through Awareness

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