Sarah B. Yoga

Episode 47: Prenatal Yoga Podcast

July 08, 2014 Sarah Baumert
Sarah B. Yoga
Episode 47: Prenatal Yoga Podcast
Show Notes

This is an active prenatal class for mothers who feel fit and healthy during their pregnancy. This class is suitable for the first and second trimesters and can be practiced into the third trimester, monitoring how you are feeling. With that said, we still move in a slow and graceful pace. Starting with a seated meditation, we then move into seated postures that create space in the side body and the hips. This will include a flowing sequence side to side in parvritta janu sirsasana which you can see photos of below. Our flowing standing poses will take us through tree pose (vrksasana), warrior I and II (virabhadrasana I and II), wide legged forward fold (prasarita padottanasana), goddess pose, and triangle (trikonasana). Squats, sIngle pigeon, and a side savasana will finish the practice.

Props needed: Two blankets (or towels and pillows) and two blocks

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