Sarah B. Yoga

Episode 43: Locating the Inhale & Moving Towards Purvottanasana

August 10, 2013 Sarah Baumert
Sarah B. Yoga
Episode 43: Locating the Inhale & Moving Towards Purvottanasana
Show Notes

This is a 75 minute live slow flow class. Class begins with a short pranayama to bring attention to the inhale phase of the breath and how the inhale can enhance an opening and lifting of the chest during the asanas.

This balanced practice includes a number of standing poses and twists, ending with  purvottanasana, or upward facing plank pose as our backbend. This pose, as well as the more general focus of class will be on how we can find a lift and buoyancy in the chest. We will use the inhale phase of the breath to wake up and open the muscles of the chest and the exhale phase of the breath to connect to the deeper abdominal muscles that hold us up in the poses.

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