Sarah B. Yoga

Episode 42: Get out of your chair! 45 minutes for travelers and people who sit a lot.

April 10, 2013 Sarah Baumert
Sarah B. Yoga
Episode 42: Get out of your chair! 45 minutes for travelers and people who sit a lot.
Show Notes

Take this podcast with you when you travel. Bring it into your hotel room or even do it in the airport. It’s another great class if you have been sitting at your desk all day. Stand up, lie down, twist and move things into a different shape!!!

Traveling, especially by air, can be very hard on the body. It wreaks havoc on our posture and the our mental state. You may feel spacey, anxious, or generally unsettled when you are traveling. This class will ground your energy, helping you to feel awake, rested, open and ready to enjoy the rest of your day and your new destination.

As you do this practice, cultivate a slow, deep and even breath. On slow inhalations focus on bringing space and life back into the body and on long exhalations focus on a sense of grounded steadiness.

I am currently teaching live yoga asana classes via Zoom. You can find my full weekly schedule at BODY MATTER

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