Sarah B. Yoga

Episode 61: Spinal Explorations

September 03, 2021 Sarah Baumert
Sarah B. Yoga
Episode 61: Spinal Explorations
Show Notes

This is a 75 minute Level 1-2 class taught live. This is a Feldenkrais® inspired class. As many of you know, I also teach the Feldenkrais® method. And this class is an example of my blended Yoga + Feldenkrais® classes. Each class infuses more traditional yoga asana practice with the Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement method. You can think of it as an interdisciplinary excursion of yoga, Feldenkrais, self-massage, breathing exercises, movement puzzles, and a compassionate mindset - to help you feel a greater sense of ease and comfort in yourself.

In this class, we start with a longer somatic exploration using a blanket roll for support in helping you feel and soften the spine. At the end of class a number of concepts are brought together to create a continuous moving backbend practice. This is meant to move in and out of, and to slowly repeat just as you might in a Feldenkrais class.   

We will make a single blanket roll or cylinder. We will use a strap and two blocks. 

Sarah has been creating podcast classes since 2007. Each podcast is an originally crafted yoga class taught by Sarah Baumert. There are currently over 50 episodes that range in length, level and style. Sarah's teaching is alignment based, unhurried, and rich with somatic inquiries. The cueing is effective, easy to follow, and uses visualizations of postures to allow for unexpected growth and depth. You will find live unplugged versions of her classes from yoga studios, as well as classes that are specifically produced for the podcast medium.

Find more of Sarah's teaching on her website Body Matter, including live online classesself-paced courses and on demand yoga video classes. 

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